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Suzhou AAICON Electronic Technology Co., Ltd is established in 2012, which is committed to providing high quality of industrial PC products and solutions for the majority of users, and gradually grow into one of the leading Chinese manufacturers in the field of industrial PC and Embedded System.

  • Intel 4th CoreTM i7/i5/i3/Pentium/Celeron Processor3U Extens…
  • Intel 8th CoreTM i7/i5/i3/Pentium/Celeron Series ProcessorWal…

  • Motherboard Customization

    Standard Embedded Motherboard Customization北京赛车pk10开奖号码

    No-standard Embedded Motherboard Customization

    Custom CMOS/BIOS Setting北京赛车pk10开奖号码

    Operating System Setting北京赛车pk10开奖号码

  • Complete Machine Customization

    Complete Machine Customization

    Custom CMOS/BIOS Setting北京赛车pk10开奖号码

    Complete Structure Mechanism

  • System Customization

    Technical Training

    Driven Development

    System Support

We can search the required products according to the characteristics and features of the products according to the different needs of customers, so that customers can search the required products quickly and accurately.北京赛车pk10开奖号码

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Ai Control ISO9001 Launch Ceremony

On January 30th, the launching ceremony of ISO9001 Certification of Suzhou AAICON Electronics Co., Ltd. was held. The launching ceremony was hosted and…

Analysis of the development trend of the machine vision industry The global market will exceed $19.2 billion

北京赛车pk10开奖号码 Machine vision is a system that uses a machine to replace the human eye for measurement and judgment. It automatically acquires an image of a target ob…